11:16 AM Monday, June 28, 2004

In front of a parking area good for at least 10 jeepneys, just a parcel of the land my Dad actually owns, is a sari-sari store which my aunt and cousin run.

And in this sari-sari store, servicing drivers waiting for the factory workers to finish their shifts, attending to exhausted factory workers buying 5-peso soup, pancit and macaroni... I realized/revisited a childhood dream... to be a tindera.

Of course, it wasn't my greatest dream, but often i've wanted to be in a similar situation. Heck, if only I can throw practicality aside, i'd also want to be a waitress for a time, and to live in the squatters' area... to be among the marginalized sector...

A part of me wonders if I secretly wanted to lord it over them that I wasn't among them. But I know, for all my evil thoughts and motivations, I don't really think am above them. Rather, such encounters leave me thanking God all the more that my parents were industrious and ambitious enough to have worked hard and persevered.

It's just really nice to be reminded sometimes that there are people out there who don't earn as much as I do, and yet live as interesting lives. Gives you a new perspective...



to have a guy inflict his baser insticnts on me while am handcuffed to the fridge.


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