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6:33 PM Monday, December 10, 2007

One hassle of being unemployed is a lack of identification card with picture for transactions, like in banks.

Another real hassle is tucking your passport away so well that you couldn't find it anymore. Tsk.

Anyway, as I have already surrendered my company ID, I found myself lacking identification, which makes setting up a Paypal account (and tying it up with a bank) sh!tty.

So... first thing I did was secure birth and marriage certificate copies from NSO Serbilis Center in Macapagal (at that Hobbies building very near Seaside). At P125 per certificate, you can get it the same day, within an hour or two from first lining up while accomplishing the order form. Andit's really great that the center is airconditioned and there are enough chairs (though the line moves fast so you don't get to enjoy sitting anywhere for long).

Then I went to renew my NBI clearance. I was lost for a while because there were signs saying something about renewing cards but anyway... after paying P15 for the form (first you get a stub, then you go somewhere else for the form), you line up to pay P120. Then you get assessed and what-not till your photo is taken and you are shooed to get your fingerprints taken (where you end up paying P2 for the wet tissue which you'll really need because it gets quite messy having all fingers inked). You pay an extra P120 more if you want to get a card too (laminated and with your picture) aside from the standard-issue clearance. The upside of getting a card is you can renew it in malls and kiosks at any time convenient for you and do not have to go through the fingerprinting business year in and out. And it's great that you can finish within an hour of going to their clearance center in Sta. Cruz (I was stupid enough to buy a community tax certificate which I did not need, at P18). Oh, they'd need to see some ID aside from your old NBI clearance... which is where the birth certificate I got came in handy.

Next project is getting a postal ID which is an ID honored by most banking institutions. First, you secure a form at the post office (room 214 I believe) which you'd have to accomplish and return, duly signed by your barangay chairman with a photocopy of his ID and 3 pieces of your 2x2 picture. You pay a total of P265 (documentary stamp and notarization included) and can get it the following day.

Unfortunately for me, it was fiesta for our barangay which rendered our chairman busy... and being just recently sworn into office, he's also always at the City Hall accomplishing requirements.


After the postal ID, I can get the Unionbank EON Visa card I applied for which i'd use for my Paypal account.

And then i'd wait till my son's birth certificate becomes available at NSO (I don't know why it takes six months, or so they say) so I can then apply for passports for him and myself. I may have to also submit other documents certifying the loss of my old passport. Tsk.

And drat PRC and their very unhelpful website and webmaster... I have yet to receive a reply for my inquiry about renewing my teaching license. Hmpf.


Dare I interest you guys with my new blog?


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