My Birthday... Almost

2:10 AM Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just some 22 hours away and i'll be 31.

Husband has complained somewhat that I haven't named what I want for a birthday gift yet. But that's the thing. Like what I told a friend earlier, either I am that happy/content where I am right now or i've just gotten less materialistic and superficial. Because I really couldn't ask for more.

I mean... I want savings, but that's not something you ask for, that's something for you to do (master self-control over spending and modify comfort levels).

And always, I wouldn't mind travelling someplace new.

And sure, there are newer, smaller, faster laptops out there that could probably make me clap my hands... but my desktop and secondhand-laptop already delivers. And even hand-me-down external hard drives from the hubs are working just fine and feeding my neurotic need to back-up my files.

And yes, I wouldn't say NO to new lenses for my DSLR... but i've been told that the kit lens is all I really need once i've mastered the features of my DSLR.

Well, I wouldn't say NO to a lot of things... but I don't miss them. I am not living without. In fact, I am feeling more than grateful for the much that I do have. And not just materially...

I'm turning 31, which is really just a number.

I am happy, which is really something not everybody can say and mean it.

I'm the Queen of the world, then :)


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