Much Ado About Bra Colors

12:30 PM Monday, January 18, 2010

There was a recent thing on Facebook about posting bra colors and getting other women to do it to increase breast cancer awareness. Not quite sure why men were excluded because you'd think, they had to be made aware too, but anyway, I 'joined' and posted GREEN (last bra color I wore, because am usually braless at home) as status alert.

That gave birth to hair styl;e and foot size, too. Hehe.

Anyway, was surprised that there was a fuss made over it.

Did I think it will directly help cure cancer? Of course not. But it still made me smile knowing that we've come a looong way from the drab, brown or flesh-colored bras during my mother's time. Women have changed along with their bras as well. I like to think we're living fuller lives and are closer to equal opportunities with men than we've ever been before. Progress, isn't it?

Was it sexualizing boobs? Maybe, and so what? Women have been preoccupied with boob size as much as men. I don't have to have breast cancer for me to know that once that verdict has been handed down, my sexuality will be rocked as much as my mortality. To have the cleavage that drew my husband to me and the breasts that nourished my son to be a source of something that might kill me, that will always be a terrible, terrible thing! One of the things i'd definitely mourn! So telling women not to sexualize their boobs is like telling us not to be sexual beings, especially at a time when we can still afford to be.

And then there's the fact that Farmville, for example, doesn't really make farmers out of anyone, nor does it save the millions of hungry kids in Africa from starving to death. But we accept it's a game, we tolerate the people getting addicted to it. So why can't people just tolerate a similarly harmless game between women about bra colors?

True, talking about something will not really amount to anything if nothing is done to act on the issue. This applies to not just cancer but politics, health, etc. as well. It just so happened, however, that it is not in everybody's destiny to find the cure for cancer. Same way that some others choose to support animals instead of finding the cure for cancer. So long as you're doing something right about something you're passionate about... live and let live, right?


  1. I'm actually one of those people who got confused as to what is the connection between writing the color of my bra on my status and breast cancer awareness. I didn't participate, but I didn't see anything wrong with others playing the game. Sabi mo nga, live and let live. :)


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