... and probably playing with my son with his toy cars and dinosaurs. Mind you, Yakee is often getting your toys that Ice is playing with. But I know you understand.

You'd have been in Grade 1 at least, and probably complaining about homeworks. I don't think you'd be bullied though 'coz you're very lovable and smart. I wonder where your parents would have enrolled you.

If you had been living here still, chances are, you'd always be in the street playing, chums with all the other boys outside. And Andy, of course. You'd still be her best friend.

I wonder if you'd still be stick thin and a finicky eater. I wonder if you'd still love mocha cake and insist on sharing with me. I wonder if you'd be a doting Kuya to Ice...

But well, I know you'd be loved. And you still are. Tita was crazy, expecting you to manifest this early morning because she couldn't sleep.

Now Py, help me pray for your Mom, Dad and brother. I know you are at peace and happy where you are... but your parents still haven't healed sufficiently. Ice needs your help so please watch over him from where you are. Let him grow up feeling as loved as you were, as special as you were... and more healthy than you were.


  1. Aaaww, this made me sad. I remember your entries about him then, when he was still around. But, yes, I'm sure he's in a happy place. *Hugs!*


  2. I remember Py too. Hugs Mec {{{hugs}}}


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