Rocking This Last Leg of Pregnancy

8:56 PM Friday, October 08, 2010

I have actually started looking pregnancy tired. But this is me looking fab after a long while, and that was enough to put a smile to my face.

I really should buy more accessories though because I've been wearing the same necklace everytime I go out.

Going back to my former office to celebrate my son's birthday with them, ex-colleagues all kept telling me I'm huge. Well, I am. I must be more than 180 lbs. now. I can literally see my skin drying up from all the stretching it's doing. Weirdly enough though, I don't waddle much now.

Oh, had to buy new bras yesterday too 'coz my 40B chest just really needs bigger cups to feel comfy. But all in all, I am rocking this last leg of pregnancy, am I not?


  1. Wow, sis! You look gorgeous! Not a lot of pregnant women can pull that. :)


  2. haha... thank you sis!!! :)


  3. hottie :)


  4. Looking good sis even with a baby bump ;)


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