Top Chef Masters, Season 1 and 2

2:34 PM Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I have just recently finished watching the first two seasons of Top Chef Masters. Gave my husband a challenge because there weren't enough people seeding the episodes... but yeah, he found a way to get me each one of them.

My fave for Season One was Hubert Keller. He's just so sweet and dignified, gentle and calm. So, it was really a bummer that he got the lowest scores in the finale. Then again, even if I haven't really tasted it, I also think truffles are overrated.

My fave for Season Two is Susur Lee, mostly because he's Asian. Same reason I was also rooting for Anita Lo from the first season (but I think, she just really went downhill after winning one of the elimination rounds). Again, a bummer that he got the lowest scores in the finale, haha.

I loved Season One because I think most of the contestants there were really dignified... except the batch with Ludo Lefebvre (though, he's really, really yummy!). They exuded the Masters aura :)

But the challenges for Season Two were really tougher. I couldn't sit still, considering the season has ended!

And now... I am looking forward to Season Three, which premieres tonight! I will miss Kelly Choi though (and her stylist's preference to dress her in shades of red and purple).

Now... hopefully, hubs can also finish downloading Top Chef Just Desserts too.


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