Sis, How About Studying Further?

11:30 AM Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talking to my sister last week, I found out she's looking for a home care job while waiting for hospital vacancies. She said she was advised to go work in home care for a while because it was good training for a newbie nurse like her. Plus, she doesn't have to do shifting work just yet. Then again, we are all naturally concerned with the idea of her driving in the snow to visit patients.

I now have three relatives in Detroit who are nurses: one in research, one in a hospital setting, one in home care. Too bad there isn't a doctor among them. I wonder if a nurse can take up a medical management course as well? Maybe someone who manages home care nurses, no?

And it's not like being a nurse isn't good enough. It's just that there is no doctor in the family yet. I really would appreciate someone who's an expert on sickness, and who can probably get us discounts on professional fees sometime in the future.

Plus, I recently stumbled upon a "teach the teacher course" for doctors as well as other training courses (consultant interview course, CV writing guide, leadership, time management, presentation skills and clinical governance, among others). Maybe I should look for a similar one catering to skills improvement for nurses. That way, my sister could have a chance at better opportunities.

What say you, sister, you up to studying again?


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