11:16 AM Monday, January 05, 2004

Consider this:

around ten days of taking care of the following:

* a 9 year old boy who kept looking for spiders
* a 7 year old boy who blames his Mom for any mishap that befalls him
* a 7 year old girl who just celebrated her birthday
* a 3 and a half year old protective brother who also kept making his siblings cry
* a 3 year old boy who kept running around
* a 2 and a half year old girl who had to be carried everywhere and insists on getting her way (kinda reminds me of myself)
* a 2 year old boy who cries everytime he loses sight of Mommy
* a 1 year old girl who reminds me of Boo
* a 6 month old boy who is always sick
* a 5 month old boy who is always noisy (yup, that's my nephew Pyro)

And yet... I cannot imagine a more rewarding Holiday Break. We went to the beach. We called on I don't know how many houses to pay respect. We attended a fiesta and had one. We witnessed a christening. We took a lot of pictures.

And what can I say? I realized more that I really won't settle for a man other than the most gentle, most providing, most loving, most sexually and intellectually stimulating, most emotionally supportive man... I can get... :)

I love my family... And it woes me that I might not get to spend this coming year's Christmas w/ my Dad, Mom and my sister...

Still, vacation was filled with tears, laughter, cakes and other food...

And Ela's birthday was a success (she had a toothache that time tho).

And my cousins from Michigan had a blast!!!


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