After Four Years

2:37 AM Sunday, January 11, 2009

After four years... some of us have married. Some have even separated. Some have remarried.

Some of us have become first-time parents. Some have added to their brood. Some have seen their kids grow up, graduate and leave home.

Some of us have changed jobs. Some of us have moved states, homes or countries.

Some of us have lost dear friends. Some of us have lost beloved family members. Some of us have felt lost. Some of us are still finding ourselves.

In four years, we found new loves, new hobbies, and new favorite foods. In four years, we've been privileged (and confused sometimes) by several point-of-views. We've also been enriched by each others' experiences... it's like going through childhood, adolescence and other phases at least 20 times.

And we've all experienced the world without traveling it (at least, not as often or as much as we'd like), and we've all went on the same journeys without being physically present.

We have bonded closer. We have fallen out.

We have made mistakes. We have been strengthened by our imperfections and limitations.

It's been a privilege knowing the Berks, what more, being a part of it. They're the best thing the internet has brought into my life...

I can never be thankful enough of how much my life has been enriched by their friendship, their humor, the reality checks (or alternate realities) they provide.

Here's to many more years of learning from each other and being there for each other over distance, time and space :)


  1. Let's bring Blogkadahan baaaaaaaack!


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