McDonalds and Huling El Bimbo

12:41 PM Monday, January 12, 2009

A friend texted me last night, asking me if i'd seen the latest McDonalds commercial inspired by Ang Huling El Bimbo (a song by Eraserheads). I didn't embed the video here because it wouldn't fit right so just click the link.

In the same message, my friend also said, "Sigh. I can't wait for you to teach your kids about love." :)

And then we at the hospital got to see the commercial... and all sighed accordingly and said, "Aww, sad."

But I realized later on that though that song will always evoke sadness in me, and friends (childhood or otherwise) who had feelings for each other that don't end up together will always be a sad love story... there is a sort of upside to all that. For somehow, you get allowed an extra (albeit silent) love or lover. Someone who can love you without selfishness and expectations. Someone you need not fear you'd ever lose. Someone you need not worry will betray you.

Surely, there is some sort of happiness to be had in that.


  1. I saw that last night! Sad, pero true no? Kakaibang concept sya


  2. Bittersweet. :) I liked it! Thanks for sharing!


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