The Silver Lining in the Lost P10k

2:44 PM Friday, October 21, 2011

I lost my wallet today. Or it was stolen. I'm pretty sure I didn't drop it because I never put it out when I was out, so I'm sure it was 'picked' from my bag while I was busy with something else. Maybe when I was just talking to my son. Maybe when I dozed off for a while. I dunno.

And as luck would have it, it contained P10k.

P5k of which was meant for my sons' party entertainment, which I meant to deposit in the bank today so I don't end up spending the money on anything else. Ironic, isn't it?

The rest is money intended for this weekend and the coming week... from cab fares to shopping for treats (Yakee's once a week treat of a popsicle after class while I get ensaymada), to allowance for going to Play Pilipinas and the field trip. I brought all the money because I was also buying Cetaphil lotion and I didn't think to leave the rest.

And now, all's gone.

And I am sad, of course.

But in a way, I feel relieved... because it could have been worse. I could have lost the P40k I withdrew the other day.

And I guess I can't really feel an overwhelming loss because the money was basically intended for wants. WANTS.

We'd still have food this week. I didn't lose the HMO cards so we could still have the checkups we're scheduled for next week. The credit card companies will be only too happy to replace my cards, and the cards haven't been charged by the thied (I really think he just threw away the wallet after getting the money, without checking the secret compartment). The only hassle would be having the EON card replaced. I may need Cetaphil for my eczema, but it's not like I have a loved one in the hospital needing the money.

That's the silver lining. It may be some weird way of making me realize that I am still blessed. P10k is not a deal breaker for me. I still have a biscotti in the ref to cheer me up.

Of course, it's a stressor for me and hubs since we'd need money for our wants... but at least, they're wants. Not needs. We're in a place where we can have so many wants. I know other people aren't so lucky. I now other people would need to work for two or three months just to earn that.

Which brings me to me... I am not earning money. Now, I may have to... because I was the one who lost the money.


I just realized that my engagement and wedding rings were in the wallet I lost.

Now, I feel weak.


  1. We always need to see the silver lining in every "bad" situation. That's more healthy. What happened to you also happened to me back when I was still in Manila. I lost a wallet I got just a few days back at the time and it contained the same amount you lost, some ID cards, ATM card and my front row ticket to an APO Concert! It was difficult to find and see the silver lining. I felt soooo bad. I sulked for around a week!

    I guess life's like that. We just really need to deal with the challenges it throws us.

    Take care, sis! :)


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