Move, Moving, Gone

10:39 PM Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As I was discussing her moving options with my sister, we got to talking about Illinois movers and how Illinois Moving Companies seem to have the best packages in the US.

You see, there is an offer from a relative to help my sister out, but this is all the way in Texas. She's in Detroit now. And she wants to move to Florida (I am assumming the boyfriend is there). I really don't care where she moves so long as it's not a deader zone than Michigan. I have been encouraging her to accept any job offer, even those that are so far from her nursing degree and licence, like dog walker or receptionist... even maybe a shop employee. I even told her my former manager worked as a cashier at a grocery when she first migrated in the US, and to think they had ships and breeding horses here in the Philippines. That's dignity of labor... and any job will allow her to learn more about the culture of her adopted country. She's been there 3 years and has not been exposed to much... only the drama offered by our relatives.

So really, I want her to move.

Moving To Illinois is also an option, but she doesn't know anyone from there but loved the windy city of Chicago when she visited some 2 years ago. Plus, it also has all four seasons but don't quite get as frigid as Detroit.

Some sign on where she should go would be most welcome, Lord. I just want her gone from Detroit... and living a better life (where she's self-realizing and self-reliant).


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