10:11 AM Wednesday, June 18, 2003

My BFs (bestfriends) are weird.

One tells me that she likes 'it' rough. Next, she's telling me that she LOVES it ROUGH. Next, she's telling me how she loves being manhandled by an angry partner... and then.. she admits, she fantasizes she's being raped by her partner.


Then, the other BF texted me last night... asking me to go get boys and come to her for an orgy. Seeing that we haven't been at each other's lives lately, I inquired whether she IS into that kind of stuff already. She answers with an invitation for a threesome with her boyfriend. After telling her that I am not at all turned on by her (and vainly enough, I feel I am sexier than her, although she's awful prettier) but that I am crushing on another girl... she tells me that I should get guys instead for a free 'lollipop'. I tell her that i don't have a problem about getting guys... and that I just really want to really kiss a girl once in my life... and instead, she offers me her boyfriend, proud to say, she's taught him well...



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