1:32 PM Tuesday, February 10, 2004

my heart skipped a beat
when i saw you were saying HELLO
i thought my mind was playing
tricks on me
i didn't know what's to follow
i remembered the Valentines date
when you gave me a book of poems
i remembered the loving care
the corny jokes you use to console
the drawings of kittens
the white chocolates
the gentle touch
the smirk on your face
i remembered how, though you were never mine
you walked life's path with me in the meantime
i remembered how, though it hurt, you were always true
and it made me feel all the more
how the other guys have been untrue
and when, in tears, i reminisce
about you and me... and the other men
i tell myself, at least, you weren't one of them...

- just yesterday, 5:00 pm, impromptu... so sad...


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