9:32 AM Thursday, February 26, 2004

thank you
for the dark times
that you held my hand
and helped me see things
in a rational light
thank you
for the tears that
hurt you to see fall
from my eyes
and all the little things
that you do
to bring a smile
to my face again
thank you
for the steady assurance
of your faith in me
and the things that i do
and the ready acceptance
of who i am
who i am becoming
and who i was
even before i met you
thank you for hugging me
and for getting equally bothered
when things aren't going well
for me
thank you
for wanting to spare me pain
and protect me from any harm
and for loving me
just as i am

thank God
i was one of the lucky ones
who found a friend like you
thank God
that through the years
you're always there
when am blue.

- impromptu, today


The funny thing about being principled is that it will always hurt. The weird thing about teaching someone a lesson is you also learn with the teaching. The bad thing about being a strong, independent, and empowered woman (as I believe myself to be) is that there will be choices you'd make that will hurt the people who loves you the most. The painful thing about truths these days is how easily it can be manufactured as lies, or modified to suit one's needs. The ironic thing about the people you know is, strangers sometimes are kinder to you than the people who you consider to already be your friends.

The wonderful thing about tribulations though, is that, your life gets trimmed of superficial relationships and preoccupations... and only the people who truly love you remains...

There are a lot of people I owe "thank you's" to... but I hope you know who you are who am truly indebted to...

Love you bestfriend...

(on a side note... deym, i miss my other close friends)


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