9:11 AM Thursday, May 12, 2005

Duday (6-yr old vacationing niece, whose real name is Marjorie) found my sister's old gown (think, pangsagala-type), one my sis wore when she was crowned Miss Kindergarten.

Duday wore it over her clothes. I arrived home to be silently irritated by all the frills and ribbons and organza on her because it was just too hot to be wearing such a gown on top of your clothes in a non-aircon apartment in the middle of Manila.

But of course, I bit my lip and just tried avoiding looking her so as not to be driven to take off her gown.

I was told by my cousin that she's been wearing that all aftenoon.


I kept reminding myself that kids, especially girls, like dressing up and trying clothes on. It's her right.

In the end though, it was my cousin who demanded she take the gown off.

And Duday, unfazed, went on to find a cheongsam (my other cousin's outfit in their Miss Saigon play) to wear.



I was told that when Duday first donned the gown, Pyro found this lacy spaghetti-strapped top (my Mom's) and wore it, with the straps worn criscrossed around his neck.

And he followed Duday everywhere, singing "Allelluia" from behind.



I was so glad that Uchenna and Joyce went on to win The Amazing Race 7.

Not only was I totally hateful of Rob and Amber... but I really couldn't help but be bowled over by how KIND Uchenna is... always nice, always helpful, always non-vindictive.

He even made sure they paid the cab driver, when they were already at the gate to the finish line!!!

And where Joyce just kept crying, Uchenna begged strangers for money, and thanked even those who didn't give any.

And of course, the fact that they're using the money to try and have babies... sigh :)

Special mention to Meredith and Gretchen for making it so far in the race. And I swear, I want to grow old as gracefully and cool-ly as Gretchen did.


Happy weekend everyone!


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