average-looking, prone to acne even if am already past adolescence, morena, just fairly intelligent, sensual, accident-prone, not really a stylish dresser because i only take the trouble when i want to, most of the time i don't really care about how i look, not kikay at all, especially when put side-by-side with my sister... loves taking pics and anything connected to photography... internet-addict...loves white chocolates to a fault (but i've been seriously not enjoying them ever since my last visit to a doctor about my overly sensitive sinuses and throat), love my family, love babies, love men, love women, love life, love sex, love white chocolates (i can't stress that too often), etc.

i don't know what she looks like... for all i know, she has a perfect figure with an angelic face, who goes/went to the best schools and kills time with others from elite circles, she may be a model, or an heiress, or Einstein's female counterpart... she may be the whore of Babylon, or the greatest courtesan to ever walk the land of India (except she's Pinay), so maybe, yes, she could be the one who invented the kama sutra... she may have dozens of accomplished bachelors waiting for 3 hours at her doorstep just to date her... or the mistress of some politician... she may have gotten deflowered at 13... or a virgin still... she may have visited every Continent and might be living in a gated community in Florida... she may have next season's Prada shoes and uses Manolos to self-gratify... she may have an abusive boyfriend who calls her BOBO in front of her friends... or a puppy for a BF, doesn't really matter... I really don't know...

What I do know is she's a pathetic coward... getting MY number, and texting me (anonymously, of course, because she's a coward) with abusive (but they made me laugh tho... shook my head with the overwhelming implication of her insecurity with me) text messages... telling me how ugly and malandi I am and that I should stop posting juicy, tasty, naughty pictures of myself all over the net (at MTC in particular).

Why assume the texter is a woman? Because few men would really be offended by half-naked pictures. And few men would actually resort to verbal assaults. And intelligent, mentally-stable women would not even care about what I do with the internet so long as they're not harmful.

Why give her the benfit of a post?

Only to show the world, miss coward-and-insecure-girl-who-probably-cannot-command-devotion-from-her-man-or-respect-from-fellow-women... that there are some people who just grow worse with age... one of them being YOU.


On a light note, congratulate me, ladies and gentlemen, for succesfully changing Pyro's nappy last Saturday. Yes, he destroyed my appetite for the birthday party food, and yes, changing the nappy took some 15 minutes I think (JRA keeps telling everyone that it took me 45 minutes, but he just likes doing things like that), and yes, Pyro also looked traumatized by the experience... but it was still a threshold crossed.

And Pyro was rewarded with a kiss from YUMI, the birthday girl.

And when Yumi grows up and reads the signature album from this particular birthday... she'd read this one there:

YUMI... I hope to grow up with you... PYRO


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