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9:48 AM Thursday, May 26, 2005

If asked why I got addicted to blogging, I only really have one serious (and deep) response:

Blogging has allowed me to be a WITNESS to other people's lives

Because of blogging, i've become a witness to how Bambit and Renee are making second marriages (and families) work. Because of what they post, I know when Maia is teething or sick... and how much her Daddy loves her. I am taken to trips with the Lorenzo family and get to know their favorite bedtime antics.

Apart from the mothers above, other blogging Moms also inspire me from all parts of the world. I witness how Jan's Mom is struggling with disciplining him, and how JP's Mom's heart hurts a little as JP learns more and more German (Deutsch?) each day. I know of worries that what's being given may not be enough and I get to bite my lip as children cross thresholds .

I am a witness to dieting achievements and babymaking challenges.

I was a witness to the loss of a child and the loss of a spouse . I was witness to how one can get over the loss of a loved one.

I have watched love get strengthened by laughter and gentleness. Batjay and Jet continue being such inspirations for staying together where people would have walked away. They are even celebrating their 14th Anniversary this month...

I have been to Galera many times, and have reached great heights ... I have seen great things and learned a lot life lessons when I blog hop. I also get to celebrate my sexuality more because my beliefs about a woman's needs and wants get validated.

I have met celebrities left and right ... finding out what made them quit, what makes them tick, what inspires them, how they inspire other people.

Because I read them i've learned to empathize with single mothers who continue to be highly-creative people. And I learn to be more passionate about health ... and i get to walk in a gay man's shoes... and I get to go to college again, and graduate all over again.

And so, my education continues as I read about different perspectives. I see more. I enjoy more.

In a way, I also hurt more because I feel more.

And I look forward to more of such. I love the privilege of being this silent witness to other people's lives... being party to their parties, celebrating and mourning with them. Watching them grow up, get love, get hurt, get married.

And because I witness their births and rebirths, I get to validate their existence when I make them my 'friend'. What an honor.

What happiness.

And those who return the favor of a blog hop or visit... many of them... some of them... at least one of them... have/has become a witness in turn to my existence, my life, my passion and obssessions . They too rejoice in every Pyro milestone, and shake their head at the joke that is my boss.

And a circle of touching lives (ala PLDT) gets completed. And reinvented. Again and again and again.

And most often that not, bloggers are left more enriched after a blog hop.


something shared by Jet to us, author unknown

let me sustain the notion that I write to express
for I shall be self-compelled to stop if I realize that I've been writing to impress



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