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9:01 AM Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've been married for exactly two weeks... but people, just days after the wedding, have been at me if am pregnant already.

I mean, surely if I wanted a child so badly... i'd have gone and gotten some at age 18? *rolleyes*

My father-in-law even kept on asking if I was making lihi on crabs, and as much as I love him, I was like... what, can't a recently-married woman eat seafood in peace anymore?

He even asked if I already knew the child's sex.


And some people at work have been heralding how i'm recently made non-virgin (again, hanube!)...

*rolleyes again*

It's not that am being an ingrate over the exitement over my change of status... others have been considerate enough to just ask about me, the honeymoon, the new living arrangements, future plans, etc.

But others have just been really downright annoying.

Esply since, I just had my period last week :D

And my hubby is off to Thailand for 2 weeks!

See... being married isn't all about getting laid all the time!


Yes, I seriously don't want to be a mother anytime soon. I didn't marry JRA so we can start a family asap... but yes, one of the reasons why we got married was because we both wanted a family/kids and we believed we'd make good parents (somehow). But the real reason why we got married was because we believed in the instution that is marriage.

Besides, every woman should experience first being doted on by a loving husband. Tickles you pink :)


I got my camwish!!! So yes, I have a new baby! But I need a new set of batteries for it.

Shucks, am such a gadget-y girl, what with my cell, digicam and mp3 player :D Who would have thought!


"Honeymoon" was spent over at Marinduque.


Yes, am annoyed with all the 'updating of records and change of name and status' thingie that I have to do in the coming weeks. :D


My words to my hubby before I first joined him in bed for the first time as his wife:

"Shucks mahal, i'd be having sex I never had before... the marital one!"


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