ranting on SMART

9:01 AM Monday, January 16, 2006

There was a time when I wouldn't be texting anyone for like, the whole day... but i'd be receiving 'promos' and 'hot news' and 'whatever else Smart marketing thinks other people with nothing better to do will be interested in' all day... and I noticed my load diminishing too.

I complained.

SMART INTERNET HOTLINE had the audacity to tell me that it's not a 'marketing strategy' nor a 'revenue generation strategy' of theirs. Ha!

I was also told to text certain numbers to stop receiving said ads from them. Ha! As if it's that easy (why else would cousins have switched sims and service providers).

And that receiving said ads is FREE and that you only get charged when you subscribe for new ring tones and what-nots. Ha!

But at least, after that e-mail, the spamming stopped. My load was left alone for me to waste on real people.

And then just now... I get text messages telling me that my ring tune (JUST ONCE) would be automatically renewed in 3 days and i'd be charged P30 for it.

First, who the hell picks that song for a ring tune? Ugh!

Second of all, I never applied for any of that sh!t.

Talk about LIVID.

I've sent them another strongly-worded e-mail... Hay naku, kawawa the call center agent who'd receive my call talaga if I lose P30.00 over their SCAM.

But the sh!ttier thing now is that... I dare not load! And am down to my last P65.00 :D


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ON A SAD NOTE: Py needs more prayers and good luck


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