8:49 AM Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Obviously, it's been more than ten days since I last posted here. I actually have a very serious entry idea in my head... but maybe i'd post that someday.

Meanwhile, I had a blast going dancing at Makati Shang last Thursday... and amazed that I can still move and grind. I've been harboring the belief that my knees can no longer support me, see. I was so happy about going dancing, I ended up doing a lot of naughty things from the high I got from that one!

And this Fiday, I shall revisit the HipHop scene with friends at Decades.


I love dancing on ledges... but I never ran with the ledge dancers and stripped. And it's not because I wasn't pretty or endowed enough (because i've seen some of the girls who strip, and can say that our former helper is indeed more blessed in the looks and asim department) or I wasn't brave enough (after all, with hooting, inebriated men, you can't really go THAT wrong)... it's just not one of the many ways I express my exhbitionistic tendencies.


This man is holding an exhibit all July. Let's be proud and support our fellow Pinoy :)


The Canon EOS 350D sells for only P38,000 now at R. Hidalgo. Dang!!!


An athlete colleague and husband were involved in a car accident. Her ribs punctured her lung and there's little feeling in her legs. I'm feeling so much for her because I can just imagine how scary things are for her right now, not being able to move.


I'm still gaining weight and the hormonal imbalance thing is totally wreaking havoc with my metabolism and complexion. Grrr. Buti na lang I have a mighty fine (so what if it's also wide, mwehehe) ass. :D


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