9:53 PM Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I have been horribly negligent of my blog. It's just that i've been in limbo for the past few weeks... delirious with happiness with a husband who worries over me, plagued by worry over my nephew's ongoing battle against cancer, terribly annoyed by an abscess-like something on my right leg (and truly, heaven knows what caused it!), and overly anxious about my fave, fave boss' resignation.

There's also me dealing with birthday blues, and suddenly finding that I'd have to go to Davao on the day of my birthday... and me planning a Davao weekend with JRA and a Palawan trip that same month.

I'm also still maniacally downloading digiscrapping kits that I haven't time to actually use.

And of course, immensely anticipating the next season of THE AMAZING RACE (which i'd miss for a week because of the Davao thingie).

Oh, and someone has thought to send me Tagalog Erotica... and goodness, I spent almost the whole of Friday last week surreptitiously trying to finish the 18-page story.

And yes, suddenly am hounded by ideas for a book (cross between memoirs and fantasies, inspired by Batjay's new book and egged on by friends).

And some guy I was polite/friendly enough to keep chatting with is walking about with the very false notion that he'd be sleeping with me soon... just because he's told me in every way possible that being young (turning 29 is still young) and horny (congenital, really) will eat at me until I give in and unleash myself onto men (all shapes and sizes, I think).

(this reminds me, i've finally gotten around to using the black strip of cloth I got as souvenir from the Bondage lecture... as blindfold)

Have I made a good job of providing excuses?

I hope so.

Because though am really not on hiatus, I just find i'm too preoccupied with different things to actually blog. (but I am trying to at least post every week!)


A good friend of mine is one of the few lomographers on exhibit at LOMO LOVE... at the old Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao. Check them out!


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