Chavit's Dollars

12:22 AM Saturday, May 09, 2009

Friends are annoyed by Manny Pacquiao's dismissal of DOH's request that they not return to the country so soon, or that they limit contact with other people. But I also see Manny's point that they are also putting themselves at risk by staying longer in the U.S. And the press and the people are flocking to shake his hands and hug him of their own volition.

But I was more offended by Chavit's donation of a thick wad of dollars at Quiapo Chruch during the Mass. I am not offended by the act of donating (after all, it is for the Church) but the manner in which it was given was really atrocious. He knows he's in the front pew. He knows people are looking their way because he's seated beside Manny. He knows there are cameras. But what does he do? He pulls out a thick wad (and by thick, it's at least an inch thick) of dollars which he of course couldn't shoot in the donation basket fast enough.

At least Manny had the decency to write a cheque and put it in an envelope (or it cash too but it was really a very slim envelope). The act of donating was not done ostentatiously.

Chavit's charity became news itself. Tsk. Tsk.

So forget GMA. It is Chavit who is truly the master strategist. He arranged for the Filipino people to crucify Erap while he's now walking free, with fat bundles of cash on him, a percentage of which is most probably ill-gotten.


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