Pacquiao's Glorious Win

9:59 PM Sunday, May 03, 2009

Anyone who watched the HBO specials on Pacquiao and Hatton might say that Hatton's camp could have used more humility and prayer. Mayweather was especially boastful and too confident. And as it turned out, before anyone has even warmed a seat, the fight was already over.

Who would have thought that Hatton would get knocked down as early as round one? And twice at that! Or that a lefthand punch would knock him out at round two? Am sure all advertisers were chagrined, as well as those who paid P700 a seat in SM Cinemas.

My MIL surmised that Westerners don't really know hard and tough like us Easterners do. The guys said that Hatton lacked technique and speed. I thought Pacquiao was getting back at Solar for not letting him have Channel 2 cover his fight. Hehe.

Looks like Martin Nievera's bad luck is his alone... and Pacquiao has just made sure he'd be earning millions and millions again. And because twas such a short fight, he's also maybe delayed Parkinson's.

I can't help but wonder though how people will react when he losses again after a long winning streak. Hopefully, his team will still be there for him and that he won't be suffering alone again (like that time he lost and had to go to the hospital by his lonesome).

Still, congratulations to Manny Pacquiao and his team! And thanks for making the Filipino proud.


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