Webhosting Research

2:55 AM Monday, May 04, 2009

I am now a stay-at-home Mom and I have been struggling with the fact that I am not earning much (or regularly).

And hubby and I believe we have thought of a brilliant website idea. One that hopefully we can really expand someday, one we hope will generate a steady source of additional income. A hundred dollars each month may be a measly sum but if you know you can depend on it monthly, that will still go a long way because you can use that to project earnings.

So now we're scouting for web hosting options for the site and comparing prices and packages. Right now, i'm looking at Webhostingchoice.com which conveniently lists the top ten web hosting sites. I have only ever used Go Daddy (for domain name registration) and have heard of Bluehost but the rest are totally new sites for me. So it helps that Webhostingchoice.com comes with comparative charts and reviews (one that is very updated too!).

It's also great that the site has an FAQ page (the Learning Center list of links at the sidebar) for website/hosting beginners like me, who really do not know yet what my requirements are and what things I should look for and consider.

I am checking the site's review of JustHost.com which was Voted Best Host. It's great that they included things like JustHost offering everything unlimited. Hehe. It looks like their tech support is also great. I'm going to get the husband to go over the reviews so we can set up the website asap.

Don't you just love those sites that summarize and consolidate things for you? So it's really kinda easy to be reviewing such sites because they are extremely helpful.


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