I was going with friends supposedly this week to PRC and have my teaching license renewed.

Yes, I am a licensed teacher, technically.

I never renewed the license though, and never really had to use it because I mostly worked for the government and only taught one semester (two college subjects). So I really cringe at the thought of how much my penalties would be, for not renewing it every five years.

I graduated 1998 and passed the LET that same year.

Plus, I will pay some more for a change of name.

I really need another ID though. Some banks don't think my postal ID is enough to open bank accounts with. I only have that and my passport to identify me officially.

But like what I said, I would have to postpone this endeavor because the weekend took its toll on me and I need to be lying down again most of the time.

Such moments make me think of the phrase "life shelved" which is ironic because "life grows" inside of me. :) Ah, such is the fate of all women who choose to multiply.


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