2:01 PM Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Mom is turning 57 this coming Saturday... her first birthday abroad and away from her kids. We've already sent her a birthday card... and we're sending her pictures (she specifically requested for Pyro's pics of course) and a list of Pyro's antics.

Dad is arriving on July 18.

Am thinking of getting re-confirmed with the Catholic Church at the end of the month (coz at least dad is here na) but am not sure if I can really accommodate the expense (bwahahaha, mainly because I want us to eat at Hizon's after).

Batjay and Jet are already here in Pinas but their sked is hectic as they cram late-minute packing and partying into several weeks.

The sexy Pinayhekmi and her hubby are also here in the country... hopefully, i'd get to feast on seafood with my blogberks.

What else?

Ahh... one of my bestfriends is going to get married on the 16th too. It's an afternoon reception in some pool area in Lipa. Turns out, all my bestfriends will get married before I do... I still have to buy Icel a gift. And I still have to decide if i'd trial make-up myself on that day because i'd be travelling to Lipa pa (what if I ruin the hairstyle or make-up diba?)

And yes, it's my cousin's birthday on the 19th... and Pyro's birthday on the 21st, which we will celebrate at McDo on the 24th (golly, when can I pay the deposit kaya for his sponge bob cake?).

And fairy blogmother has just recently updated her giveaway and wonderful templates so you guys might wanna check them out. And of course, she's also launched her scrapbooking blog!!! Yes, uber active talaga yang baklitang yan ever.

Also happened upon this really kulit blog.

And but of course, am super duper excited (I dunno how long the lines would be, even if I already reserved my copy) for the release of the 6th Harry Potter book. I'm even more than willing to absent myself from work next Monday if I haven't finished it by then (kasi nga am attending a wedding pa on saturday after getting my copy... and yes, sorry to my friend, but i'd be anxious for her ceremony to finish talaga!). I also started re-reading all the books na... Started with the first book last unday afternoon, and am already halfway through the 4th book (I missed work yesterday because I couldn't sleep Sunday night... and no, not because I was reading... I just couldn't friggin' sleep).

Too bad I don't have enough moolah for MYMP at Suburbia.

And am due for a pedicure before Saturday so I can wear my nastily sexy pair of stilletos for the wedding. Am stilld ebating whether i'd buy a new outfit or just really head off to Becky's Kitchen instead.

Our company celebrated its 31st anniversary by launching a gym for us that's actually near our HO building (before kasi, we'd have to go to Gate 4 pa, we're at Gate 1, and that's several hundreds of container vans away).

And i've been depressed (PMS) lately because I haven't eaten WC for a month or more na. Blasteed groceries seem to have stopped selling Swiss Delice and Cadbury Dream brands... all I see is Nestle Galak. Demmet.

I am such a deprived woman.


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