papa jesus, walang panty

9:12 AM Thursday, July 21, 2005

Observant isn't he?

But well, ok... the statue wasn't that of Jesus'. It was Mama Mary's.

And no, don't ask me why his father allowed him to gather up Mary's robes and check for underwear.

I guess they're both weird that way.

Image hosted by But at two years old today, Pyro remains a precocious, noisy, intelligent, wonderful boy.

Sure, he still keeps sucking at his stuffed toys' noses, tails, arms and feet...or the corners of his pillows.

Sure, he's still sporting this horribly green-violet bump on his head... a result of him having stood at the corner of my parents' bed, reaching to flick off a switch, and losing his balance... and since he turned off the light, my sister was not able to see him and catch his fall. (my brother gave my sister hell for that... ahehe... panicky worried that something worse will happen to Py)

And yes, he insists on powdering his own nether regions now. And my cousin told me he also rubs his teddy bear there sometimes (well... Freud did coin terms like oral, anal and genital stages).

And he sings "Happy Birthday" the way it should be sung... not anymore "Pabileykey tu yu"...

And he can speak in crude but complete sentences now... like... "Tita Ganggang, bili na ice cream, dali na, bili na..."

And how he loves caramel cake! And nuts. And Flintstones vitamins.

Oh yeah, he loves books too, and he's also managed to rip his books apart...

And he actually asks for milk now... unlike before when he didn't really consider milk as staple food for himself... but yes, it's still a pain feeding him his meals for it takes one around 2 hours to accomplish the task...

And this Sunday, he's having a birthday party at McDonalds.

And he asks me to dance, and when I do... he'd say "Galing TIta."

And he loves it when I give him a massage... when I do his hands and feet and knees and back. Just last night, he even went out of his way to find my massage oil.

And everybody just loves him so. And I love him so.

Truly, life has been richer and more meaningful because of this little angel/devil at home.


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