happy and dancing

1:25 PM Friday, July 29, 2005

I have a report and powerpoint presentation due on Monday, something i've delayed doing till yesterday.

Anyway... here I am, formulating the report and cramming, and dancing (sort of) in my seat...

I would just like to say that I love Fuzzy and Nils, two labskis who have risen to the challenge of making a weird girl happy by sending her mp3s of 80s and 90s dance hits.

So am shaking my head and moving my body to "Rump Shaker". Silently, "I saw the sign" makes me senti, remembering the days when I used to watch my young cousins dance to the song... and they're now all grown up (one even already graduated from college last March, and will be a secondary sponsor to my wedding).

"Praise You" reminds me of the end of my MTV days, and I can still listen to Elevate My Mind consecutively and not grow mental.

Mr. Boombastic will always be that Levi's Jeans commercial, and Jump Around makes me really do just that. Am still waiting for WIGGLE IT though, and BRING THAT BOOTY...

La lang... so ncie to be having a party where am sitting. Happy weekend guys!

Dare to misbehave!!!


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