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10:13 AM Friday, July 08, 2005

panaginipan ang ex???

Not sure if it was brought on by his daily text messages (to his smart buddies) of inspirational ekek... but I dang dreamt of him.

He went to my apartment and told me he knows his wife is getting worried that he isn't home yet... and that he's sad.

Then he lies on my floor, puts one arm over his forehead.

And I was panicking... what if J finds out and gets jealous?

What if my Baby finds out and gets jealous?

In the dream, I kept asking A to call his wife but he wouldn't. So I did.

And J was jealous indeed... even saying something weird about how she never knows where A comes from and just meets him at National Bookstore.


A left after I had him talk to his wife. And the part of the dream where I told the incident to my bf, i've already forgotten.


Two more weeks and it's Pyro's birthday.

It's so not good that he's taken to smelling the ends of our hair like that creepy guy from Charlie's Angels.

Or that he sometimes lie curled on the floor and keep moaning, "Imang" (from Engkantadang Kampanerang Kuba).

Our boy is turning tres weird. But yes, we love him anyway. I just ordered a Sponge Bob cake for him from Cake Treats.


I have never been the typical girl you treat on dates and give fancy stuff to. I have always gone dutch, pulled my own weight, been one of the boys... even with boyfriends.

Yes, i've always been independent even if am going steady with someone.

But sometimes, I can't help but be envious of other girls (I can think of several women who are just really unkind and lacking in susbtance) who command gifts and nice things from guys.

If it's a matter of deserving... then I really wonder if I should have picked the damsel-in-distress role over the lady warrior.

And yes, this last train of thought is confusing.

Happy weekend.


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