american idol

11:00 PM Friday, March 02, 2007

Because i've mostly been staying home, I get to enjoy a lot of American Idol, Season 6.

I just adore Melinda Doolittle. Simon has commented on it again and again, but truly, her lack of air is just so refreshing! She's my top fave, followed by Lakisha and Jordin.

I also actually like Sanjaya's voice, but feel he hasn't done anything to deserve not being voted off.

And please, please, please... people, stop voting for Antonella!!! She has a good enough voice but she's absolutely not in the same league as Melinda, Lakisha, Stephanie, Jordin, Sabrina and Gina. The most she has going for her is her looks but talent-wise, she's as stiff as a corpse! And her bravado doesn't befit her since she can't outsing most of the Idol contestants.


I don't much care for the guys... but absolutely loved how Sundance cried during the eliminations tonight. But it's also really time for Sanjaya to be voted off. Honestly!

Anyway, I hope Melinda wins. Lakisha has such a strong and powerful voice but I think she'd end up like Mendisa and get voted off. It also doesn't help both Lakisha and Melinda that they're not slim and pretty... after all, packaging always counts. Which is why I wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie bags it, since she's already polished enough.


Don't anyone get me started on The Amazing Race: All Stars too.


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