on thermometers

10:41 AM Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Of course, am fully on Mommy-mode right now (even if i've been reduced to this pill-popping, bedridden woman), so I was trying to come up with the baby essentials we'd buy for our baby.

Doing my research, I deduced that one of the wisest things to have around is a thermometer.

But what kind to have?

Oral thermometers, those mercury-based ones, are the same ones we generally use for armpits too, since babies won't put it in their mouth anyway.

And well, using a rectal thermometer isn't really appealing for me. Yuck.

And then, there are the digital thermometers now... I guess for those who seldom can read the mercury rising from the old-type thermometers. One of them is the ear thermometer, perfect for the fussy child.

But wait, what's this... a NIPPLE thermometer??!? Where the heck do you measure the temperature from? (I mean if you use an oral one in the mouth, a rectal one in the anus and an ear one on an ear...)

Well, turns out they're also called PACIFIER THERMOMETERS :) They actually provide the nipples, which the baby will suck on... and won't be requiring some other nipple before telling the temperature.

I'm going to have my sis buy me one in the US... they're supposedly easy to wash, and we intend to have our baby have exclusive use of his/hers, and they're relatively cheap (OK, not so cheap if we plan to buy the one in the P600-700 range... but still, hehe).

We're investing on an ear thermometer too... and intend to also use a mercury-type one.


It's just really so fun to shop nowadays for baby stuff, because here are all these suppliers coming up with never-before heard things... which most often that not, parents won't really need or use anyway. Hehe.

But I will concede, technology has made the essentials more practical to use. :)


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