Bane to Productivity

8:38 AM Thursday, February 05, 2009

I was resistant.


I knew that I might get addicted and would have less done. But I had some time in my hands and decided to check out my Plurk account. And maybe I was ready for it for real, this time around, because I immediately saw how it worked. And I got hooked, involved, addicted.

My karma went from zero to ten in one day. So imagine how much I chat that time.

The next day, I even woke up earlier for it. So I could join in on the morning well-wishing.

Did I say I was hooked?

Then friends started texting, why wasn't I going online in YM?

And then... and then, stupid me, I decided to check out my high school yahoogroups. Which got a former classmate to add me up. We started chatting. She told me our batchmates were on Facebook.

I was resistant.


Other friends have been convincing me for the longest time to create an account and join them in their mob wars and such but I was resistant. I don't even log on to my Friendter account much so why create yet another networking ek.

But the lure of catching up with high school ghosts was too much. And, if truth be told, the possibility of knowing if my HS crush is now married.

So dang it, I created one. I even bullied my sis and cousin to teach me to use its interface. And then I got swamped by chats there.

I got hooked, involved, addicted.

Suffice it to say, I accomplished nothing much for the week. I even Plurked while cooking pancit, endangering my familys dinner.



On a not related note at all, Ruffa Gutierrez, in the I Love Betty telenovela, made the booboo of saying that X stands for hugs and O stands for kisses in the XOXO ek (it's the other way around). Either the writers couldn't be bothered to Google or it was intentional, and Ruffa, for all her claim to wordliness, obviously didn't know any better.

And by gosh, veteran actress Anita Linda deserves the equivalent of an Emmy for her role as a Fil-Chi matriarch in the Tayong Dalawa telenovela. She's soooooo good an actress, I want to push her down and beat her up fo being soooo mean. Sigh. Talk about really great acting!

And yes, this is too much TV :D


  1. Hmm...i'm still resisting opening an account in Plurk.....i feel like i'm bombarded with all these networking sites! haha and I'm afraid if I start an account in Plurk, I'd be sucked in as well...

    I'm already addicted to Facebook and Twitter as it is! waaaaaaaa

    Christine from NZ

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