Biglang Liko Surprise

1:34 PM Saturday, February 14, 2009

I had to hurry home last night because my son was sickly. During the cab ride, I managed to establish that my son was recovering already so I was able to banter with my sister and husband on the phone.

Around V. Mapa (Sta. Mesa?), I was amused to see the signs announcing the short-time rates for the motels. I even wondered why there isn't a line yet outside some of those establishments. Imagine then, my surprise, when the cab driver suddenly made a turn into one!

I must have had three seconds of complete shock and confusion before I remembered that drivers (even jeepney ones) often use the Halina Motel driveway as a shortcut. As it turned out, there was a line of motelgoers there so my cab driver had to take the long route to the U-turn slot.

Well, that made my night interesting.


Later on, I was confused by all the girls in satin gowns and boys in suits that were walking both lonely and busy streets. It seemed the JS Prom at Mariano High School finished early but I was confused why they were all walking, and to where.

I even saw a couple sitting on the step of a parked jeepney, already getting all romantic.


Happy Valentines to everyone! :)


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