Love That Got Away

2:29 PM Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When hubs' uncle was on his deathbed, he was calling his first love. He kept muttering someting about how that girl was his greatest love, was still his love. His wife and kids all heard him.


My cousin's best friend, who is married with three kids, meets with my cousin at least once a week to pine and rant for their high school classmate/friend. They were teased in high school and were actually expected to become sweethearts (I read their answers on my cousin's slum note, they were soooo into each other).

My cousin's BFF even asks my cousin to forward to her this guy's text messages, even if they didn't concern her, isn't about her, and isn't remotely related to love and whatever.

The guy is still single (he originally wanted to be a priest).


Weirdly enough, although I will always feel a special tingle for other men from my past, I don't think I had a love that got away. And am not sure how i'd feel if, on my hubby's deathbed, he's avowing love for someone else.

Heaven help me that I don't pull the plug on him. Hehe.


  1. ouch! that must have hurt.. i don't think i'll be able to bear that one..


  2. Aray! Kaya dapat wala masyadong secrets na malupet, ilabas lahat para walang surprises sa deathbed.


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