... is I always have a friend. (Cali Rae Turner)

It's weird that I talk to her about fights i've had with my boyfriend (then)/husband (now) and how she'd even step in sometimes to help patch things up. She knows immediately if I just cried, or if something's wrong. She's a doting, patient, gracious aunt to all her nephews. She even takes care of me when am sick.

I can tell her about a lot of things... and she knows my issues about our parents because she knows them too. And no matter how bad our fights were, we always make up. Because it just hurts being angry with each other. It hurts not talking to each other.

Soon... she will really be building a life for herself in the US. I ask God everyday to shower her with kindness and wisdom and grace and health and perseverance, that she may succeed and live a happy life. I hope she makes good friends there. I pray that she marries the right guy and have kids when she's ready for them.

I promised her a Boracay trip which I still haven't given her. And a trench coat. She's still holding me to those promises. So yeah, sometimes I wish am really earning again so I can fulfill those.

But i've also silently promised to love and care for her all the days of my life. I just wish she knows, has felt or seen, even a bit of just how much I do love her.

Happy 23rd birthday sis... the best is yet to come!


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