Moronic at the Moriones

1:44 PM Monday, April 13, 2009

Just got back from spending Holy Week in Marinduque with my in laws.

Anyway, there I was, shooting pictures of the gathered Moriones at the Boac plaza when I was dustracted by a growing crowd on a sort of hill near the plaza. Mustering courage (and dictated by laziness), I scurried across the plaza, in front of the Moriones, to get to whatever it was the crowd were watching from the hill. I was in such a hurry that I mised the pool of water being swept dry by two men and I slipped.

I tried to get up immediately from my disgraceful fall but the soles of my shoes couldn't get a grip on the wet floor and I kept coming down. In front of at least a hundred Moriones. Ugh.

And the blasted thing was, no one offered a hand. Worse, the sweepers kept telling me, "Miss, madulas dito (Miss, it's slippery here.)"



Oh, but a nice-looking guy with a bigger camera did ask me later if I was ok.


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