Happy Graduation, Ela

5:48 PM Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The years have surely flown. My niece has just graduated from grade school. When I saw how prettily she was made up, tears sprung to my eyes. And when I saw her mother putting her medal around her neck, I gave in to the tears. She has really come a long way from that baby who refused everybody but her paternal grandma at my lola's ancestral home.

And how can I not be proud? She has landed herself a scholarship at La Salle Lipa. Neither her parents can ever hope to send her there, but she was one of the 15 lucky kids in Batangas who are assured of better education and opportunities for the next four years (if they maintain their grades, of course). Other kids would have found her circumstance reason enough to rebel and self-destruct, but all in all, she has really grown into a good child, a promising child.

And ever since, i've loved her as my own.

I'm really proud of all the hard work she's done, and wish her nothing but the best in the coming years. I worry about her and what high school might do to her, but i'm keeping the faith that she has enough love in her life to make informed decisions where and when it matters. Besides, I intend to remain an annoying, ever-present fixture in her life.


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