When It Rains...

11:29 PM Wednesday, April 29, 2009

... I get a social life.

Words cannot decribe how inexplicably happy I am right now, all because I have a social life.

Last week, it was merienda with LATCH moms and dinner date with hubs.

Yesterday, twas dinner and coffee with friends.

Today, I assisted in a LATCH training of nurses then met up with college friends later. I was goe for the whole day and much as I missed my son, I couldn't deny that I was happy as a lark to be out. What's more, I had make-up on and a kinda sexy top.


It's not that I miss the party fun girl I was before. But I do miss dressing up and owning cute outfits. And I do miss being out. And it's great to be validated that am still engaging and fun.


On a sad note... I hate finding out that two friends of mine are/were battered women. I just pray they find the love for self they've lost and fully recover.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friends.

    When I found out that my friend's ex hit her, I almost lunged at him in the middle of a bar.

    Men like that aren't worth anyone's time.


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