A Shallow Fantasy

5:13 PM Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hubs and I have booked our flights to Marinduque this May and Boracay in July.

Did you know there's a Starbucks already in Boracay? I know I should actually be offended by the fact. I know this is another testament to how commercial Boracay is, how exploited, how unpreserved.

But since it's been six years since I was there last... I am uber excited! And I cannot help but fantasize about sipping my fave choco cream chip drink while in my bikini. Not that I can fit in a decent bikini at the moment (more like a well-designed maillot). Ok, most probably I would be wearing a tankini and board shorts when sipping that blasted drink, but i'd still be sipping it sitting on pristine white sand and after having eaten my fill of seafood.



  1. talaga? there's starbucks in boracay? hay. last time i was there (well, the only time i've ever been there) was 2004, i felt boracay was a really nice place, but needs taking care of. oh, well...

    enjoy!!! :)


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