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9:35 AM Friday, March 24, 2006

I had an allergy scare last Wednesday night. I think it was the LISWIK I ate. And either they're not so fresh (but they were still alive when they were 'poured' into the pan), or they came from a not-so-clean place... or because my period is due this weekend and my immune system is a little down...

I started coughing again, my tummy started aching... and I started getting itchy all over... with my eyes burning and all.

But the rashes won't burst forth, so to speak... and my eyes, though getting really irritated, didn't swell... I took an antihistamine just the same, and after an hour... all the allergic reactions went away.

Thank heavens it wasn't that bad an allergy... hubby was already offering to bring me to the hospital because he knew I was getting scared.

However, antihistamines has this way of drying up membranes (ahehe... too lazy to search for the right terms). And I think the heat is already starting to get to me... so I had to conted with a stuffy nose all night... which is now runny. Haaayyy...

I can't get sick... we're going to San Juan this Sunday! I'd be around kids and lots of food... how can I enjoy them if am sneezing and sniffling because of rhinitis again?



When I was in CDO, I had to catch myself several times from texting someone about silly things I was doing, and little things that were delighting me.

It sucks, how we're not friends anymore. :(

But I have to invoke my 2nd favorite line from LOVE ACTUALLY and just say, "ENOUGH".


I'm craving Thai corn. I was too greedy to eat them right away so I didn't bother taking their picture. They're like big Japanese corn and as yellow too, but they have this sprinkling of light-green colored kernels. And they're around 5 times sweeter than Japanese corn! Hubby only bought 4 cooked ones which we had to re-boil here (because I only eat corn when they're hot) but they were still so really sweet! Even my niece and nephew loved them.

Now am considering going to Divi early tom to buy soem Jap corn and satisfy my hunger.

Tsk. Am so takaw.

Am back to being 128 lbs. I'm feeling it in my jeans and undies again. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


POVERTY AS AN ISSUE can take you to heartaches and triumphs you've long since forgotten, or have yet to revisit... or yet to acknowledge and entertain.

I'm just so proud of the Berks and how we've all exerted extras for this topic.


I know am not preggy... but certain food i've already been eating turn me off these days... like greens... like mussels...

I'm way to young for menopause! Mwehehe...


I've uploaded a lot of new attempts here.

Meanwhile... happy weekend. (sorry, am too sick to think)


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