a year shy...

9:00 AM Thursday, March 16, 2006

of THIRTY YEARS... that's how long my parents have been already married.

yes, today is their 29th anniversary. And yes, I wasn't a premature baby so there's no need for Math. I don't know when my parents started sleeping together, considering that my father was mostly away during their courtship (with my Dad's brothers meeting my Mom first when they were already engaged to be married... in fact, my father's relatives conducted the pamamanhikan without my Dad).

Mom was turning 29 then. Dad just turned 31.

They had the typical barrio wedding where the entire barrio is automatically invited in Lipa. Unfortunately for us, the photog they hired wasn't so professional (forgetting the film?) so we don't have any pictures to show for that day.

Mom and Dad were penpals. Dad 'advertised' himself because he was a seman and lonely... and well, really old already to be single, considering twas the 70s. Mom was already considered a spinster too... but my Lolo was too strict, and their family too poor, for Mom to get married early. She had an engineer bf for a while, but again, my Lolo was too strict.

Anyway, they were married. Seven months after their marriage, they had me. Twenty-nine years after they were married, they now have 3 kids, 2 in-laws, 1 grandchild, at least 4 houses and several lands and other assets... all painstakingly acquired and nurtured and developed through the years.

Uyy, did I just include us among their assets? :)

Twenty-nine years after they got married, their bodies already reflect the years of heavy toil and industry, as well as the hereditary illnesses that hound our families, not to mention accidents. Together, they've dealt with getting hit by a car, getting burned, getting fingers cut off, getting hit by metal rods on the head, reproductive health problems, diabetes, falling off trees and hypertension.

Twenty-nine years after they got married, I also now finally understand them a little... where they're coming from, what their motivations have always been... and can now appreciate all the things about them I never appreciated before.

I loved them before, but not as much as how I love them now.

They loved me... us, before... but have only just come to terms with the fact of who their children have chosen to become.

Happy anniversary!!! Sana may renewal ceremony next year :)


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