i am a woman...

9:00 AM Friday, March 10, 2006

I am a woman.

I am pro-choice. Just because we're born with the faculties to get pregnant doesn't mean we should. I believe it's an important choice you make for yourself. I also believe it's a choice you have to make consciously, so as not to find yourself with an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy.

But I am also pro-life. I do not have a problem with using pills and condoms. I do not have a problem with all the other safer sex practices. But I have a big problem against abortion. And I say, those who are OK with killing an UNBORN child be the first to cut and slash themselves up.

I am a woman.

I don't like being treated like a commodity, as if my body is all I have to offer and nothing else. But I am all for sensuality and sexual liberation. For surely, I am meant to enjoy the thousand pleasures my body can give me. But yes, it doesn't mean I should sleep with a thousand men to have that happen.

And no, I don't have a problem with virginity so long as it's not imposed on me, and so long as it doesn't become the standard by which my worth will depend on.

I am a woman.

I wish for improvements where mammograms and pap smears are concerned. I wish for breakthroughs in breast and cervical cancer research. And something in me dies whenever I hear that another woman's reproductive health is being compromised.

I am a woman. I love a guy's attention. I love hanging out with friends and dancing nights away. But my life purpose has always been motherhood and therefore, marriage. I don't care what women's liberation and modern times dictate, i'd always believe in the gift of a family. A gift I want enjoyed by my own kids.

I am a woman. I get PMS. I throw tantrums. I am moody. I can be vindictive. I gain weight. I go on food binges when i'm sad. But I also love mountain climbing and being outdoors. I like getting sweaty and physically exhausted. I don't mind dirt.

I am a woman, and true, my hip size can be an issue. But I love every inch of me and celebrate it all the time. I accept the dictates of my genes and struggle for a healthier lifestyle. And yes, I dress up for men. I sometimes even dress up for fellow women. Sometimes, I also just dress up for myself.

And yes, I've shunned clothes for men, and even stripped for women. And just for kicks, I pose nude for myself.

And yes, I've had problems with my Mom that slowly worked themselves out over time, as I grew up.

I am a woman. I fall in love. I fall out of love. I change my mind. I fall apart. I have secrets. I have dreams.

I am a woman. I roar, I cry out, I scream. I whimper. I moan. I hum lullabies. To some people, my voice brings a sense of love, belongingness, comfort and peace.

I am a woman. A girl, a daughter, a friend. I am now a wife. For some, I am their enemy. For others, I am their past. For JRA, I am his present.

I doubt i'd ever really know whether I was able to touch a life or inspire something great. But I am a woman just the same.

Oh and yes, Pinay... PINAY AKO!


6 years ago today, the man I was destined to marry walked into my life. He's returning from Thailand today too.


Today, Pyro is going back to the hospital for more treatments.


It's women's month. I hope more women will acknowledge their worth, and live the lives they are destined to live.


A tribute to two wonderful women (mwehehe, biased ako, syempre)

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