Gabby is Back!

9:11 PM Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gabby Concepcion is back!

Actually, I am not exactly a fan. He's a good actor and not exactly a good husband and father figure but I just really, really love his face. And the fact that KC is the spitting image of her Dad (plus that other girl who's supposed to be a model in France), I was ever curious to see how all his kids look like.

Well, now I know that his child (Gabrielle) with Grace Ibuna looks like her Mom. And if we're going to be truthful, KC is also looking more and more like her grandma Elaine.

I also wonder if all of Gabby's kids are girls and who ended up as the prettiest.

I know, my fascination is very superficially-motivated.

But see, most of Dolphy's kids look like him... except Vandolph really... and most of Ramon Revilla's kids also look like him... that's why i'm wondering. I did say I was enamored of the face.

And yes, i'm not quite sure if I like KC... especially the way she acts. But maybe this stems from my not-so-silent belief that her Mom is just so fake and sort of self-involved.


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