God, Please... Please

1:47 PM Monday, February 09, 2009

The results of the Nursing Board will be supposedly released between Feb 15-22. Both my sister and I are losing sleep over the results because we both know that a lot is banking on her passing.

Even my Mom is growing to be a nervous wreck in the US. With a sorta deadbeat son and a stay-at-home-mom daughter, she's bound to think that all her kids will live a life of poverty... so it's really imperative that my sister passes the Board. So she can move on to taking the NCLEX.

So God, please... let her pass. Please.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed...


  2. Oh you really are funny. You have made me smile many times with your posts.

    Here's hoping for a positive result.

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  3. hi mec...don't worry, lift everything up to the Lord...i will be praying for your sis too! mwah!

    MrsG from New Zealand

  4. Missy, goodluck to sister. E-mail mo ako paglabas ha? I'm anxiously waiting myself for a niece' as well (same case).


    P.S. Sometimes I think being a SAH Mom even if it means living in poverty is more fulfilling than being a "corporate mom". That is if the hubby is not being a "bum".


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