12:34 PM Tuesday, May 04, 2004

My boss brought a big box of Krackel Bars here at the office. She said it was an in-law working for Hershey's that sent them a lot of such boxes and it's taking its toll on her kids' teeth, tonsils and throat. So, she decided to share that possible repercussion to us.

My other boss inquired about the box of chocolates. She said her kids, all grown up now and with families of their own, used to treat chocolates the same way, never stopping the feast as long as there are some in the fridge. And yes, it adds to electricity bills too, what with the constant opening-closing-checking of ref compartments for possible hidden goodies. Now, she says, chocolates sent by her kids from all parts of the world, only reach their expiry dates in her ref. And she said, opening he ref and seeing chocolates there always brings her a bittersweet sense of nostalgia, making her wish for a moment and have her kids back as kids, all clamoring for sweets and hounding the ref incessantly.

That struck me as a little sad indeed... and also brought back my own forays during childhood, when i'd secure Cadbury Peppermint chocolates all to myself and would be caught snooping all over the house, searching for delicacies, not to comfort my soul or compensate for feeling empty... but just to indulge in their sickening sweetness...

I'm guessing most parents are like my bosses, or my Mom even... worried and perpetually disinclined with anything they know would cause trouble for their kids (we all know how tootaches can rob us of sleep, and how antibiotics for tonsillitis are expensive) ... but am also guessing that most parents will feel that tinge of wistful, sentimental yearning of having their children be kids again...


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