1:59 PM Thursday, May 13, 2004


My boss was wondering aloud if the trivia posted there were all true... and so I also went to the site. Together, we discussed how Abelardo Aguilar had the genius to discover erythromycin but not the ability to demand royalties for it, and where the Calbiga Cave is, why Philippines wasn't able to produce another genius such as Dr. Jose Rizal, has Philippine deep been exhaustively explored, who possesses the Pearl of Lao Tzu now, etc.

We also talked about the DOT's latest More Than The Usual commercial... and it's Byahe Tayo, a star-studded MTV just to promote Philippines... and how we'd find ourselves gleefully commenting that we've been to this and that place, or wondering aloud when we could go to this and that place. Me, I still really have to eat Pancit Habhab. And I really want to go back to Dapitan, not only to go to Dakak but to also visit Rizal's Shrine.

I really applaud DOT this time, its reinvention of tourism in the Philippines is remarkable indeed. Also, am sure Filipinos, or at least, the Middle Class, is humbled and enticed enough to explore more of what their country has to offer.

And i think i'd really be ashamed if I don't ever get to watch butanding swim about in Donsol, when I was born in Sorsogon, who knows how near or far from that place.

I swear, such sites really make you appreciate some more how blessed your country is... and how little you still know about it.

And yet, and yet... I know I love my country depsite the not knowing much.


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