12:15 PM Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Saturday loomed real sunny and humid. My friend's wedding which was scheduled for 3:30 started late... but it was a very beautiful wedding. I ended up reading the Responsorial Psalm. The priest kidded the couple that they couldn't hold hands yet because he hasn't wedded them yet... among other jokes (my fave was... OH, LIBET, YOU LOOK NERVOUS, IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME?). Every couple should have as jolly a priest to solemnize their vows and give as good a homily, otherwise, a civil wedding is better. I mean, what's the point of rendering your guests sleepy?

Anyway, the reception was just beside the Church, at the Village Clubhouse. The garden was simply decorated with green-and-yellow-decked tables and lots of flowers and green trimmings with two buffet table. With the bride's parents hailing from Batangas, it was determined that food will not be catered... instead, food served at the reception was cooked by Libet's relatives. Her Dad said that it won't feel much like a celebration if there would be no cooking done in their home, which was a block away from the Clubhouse anyway.

Some people made the mistake of putting some balloons in the pool, which rendered my group as the un-designated shoo-ers of kids attracted by said balloons. Hurray to us, we managed to pull a child away just in time... in time meaning, he only has one foot into the pool when we get to him.

The couple were asked to go from table to table to have their pictures taken. Each table, on the other hand, was given this big sheet of paper to write dedications to... all of which would be compiled with the couple's photo with that table, after...

And then, it began to rain. And it didn't really stop until everyone has given up on the idea of eating sitting down. My friends and I had to eat at the Buffet table since it was one of the few places with a cover. Understandably, it was the most frustrating wedding dinner i've had. To make up for it, I asked for a llanera of leche flan. My friends then had to scrounge some nice-enough looking plastic bag for me.

And of course, I was disappointed for my friend. All the preparation gone to waste. And yet, my friend was still beaming her beautiful smile. I thought she was too dazed to care... but when we bid goodbye, I knew... she was too euphoric to care. Maybe, she also took the rain to mean as heaven's blessing to their union.

Nice... to be humbled. I wish i'd also have her grace... and someday, when my time has come to walk the same aisle... i'd remember that the important thing is the commitment am making... and not any grandiose plan of impressing the guests.

After all, we were there to witness and bless their union...

Best Wishes and Congratulations, my friends...

And since my dedication for you was ruined, allow me to repeat it from memory/inspiration...

you've been with each other
throught trying times
you've shared each others
joys and sorrows
you've served an inspiration to the other
and blessed each other's existence

you will both redefine what LOVE truly is
and together, you shall give new meaning
to the words
and together, you shall reach new levels

I wish you well...


I bought my Mom this expensive lotion, a treat I know she'd share with my sister and cousin. But since it was rainy back in Lipa, she didn't return last Sunday. I texted her a greeting and feasted on ice cream, a treat from my in-law. Also got disillusioned by the boxing world... but kudos to the likes of Pacquiao and Onyok, who bring glory to the Philippines. I just hope Pacquaio will not be denied a chance to win his 4th title somewhere... if ever, he deserves the $2 million reward.


Mom arrived to see all of us in the sala, still trying to sleep while my nephew is making the usual racket so early in the morning. It was past 10 in the morning, yes, but we all still wanted to sleep. (My cousins, sister and I all decided to camp in our sala to save on electric bills and scare each other whenever we deem necessary) Anyway, my Mom's fervent desire was delivered in our HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY cheers shouted at her while she's still by the door. I think she was too happy, she bought ice cream after we got back from the precinct. We were also happy to report that the 2 lipstick smudges on her greeting card was Pyro's.

We took Pyro with us to the precinct. (yeah... THE FAMILY THAT VOTES TOGETHER, BUYS ICE CREAM TOGETHER) At first, he was only too happy to walk the length of Concordia with my sister and Mom holding each of his hands.... causing disapproving glances from people who were hurrying, yes, but to hell with them, of course. The heat got to him though... I carried him back home, with the baby all "lanta" in my arms...

can I just say that I love my family?

After that, we all napped, ate, napped, watched TV, etc.


I think I gained another 5 lbs. from all the nap I took. And the weather, bringing rain for 3 consecutive days produced insurmountable horniness in me... that I thought I wasn't dreaming anymore when I was doing the nasty over someone in front of my cousins. Geez...

And dang that Jimmy Bones (?) movie at HBO... my wet dreams got all the more perverted... tell me, what is sooo erotic about having 3 other girls do you... while some of them suck blood from you... and while you let rats suck your toe? Ewwwww... and then of course, I had to beg other friends to give me men to f*ck with... and honestly, I was just too horny to have realistic, sane, non-perverted dreams...


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