2:40 PM Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I couldn't help but get upset over GMA last night, because of her lack of comment regarding the Jalosjos pardon issue that's been making headlines during the Holidays.

Even the dam*ed Congress seems to be in favor now of pardoning him.

And though i'm not much of a fan of both Gabriela and Atty. Katrina Legarda, I cannot help but feel a little more hopeful that they're voicing out against the atrocity.

Back to GMA... I hated her lack of comment... because that cannot help but suggest to me that she still has no definite stand on this one, and further implies that she may still be swayed.

Not that her words and promises really account for a lot of things these days...

But she's a woman... and a mother!!! I actually want her to stand up for women and mothers parents and show that she at least upholds justice for victims and survivors of child abuse.

But I guess that's too much to ask...


I bloody well dam*ed gained weight!

Last November.. I was only a friggin' 120 lbs.


Not that the Holidays didn't bring with it the usual food binge... then again, I wasn't able to do that even, because I was sick.

But because I was sick, I was mostly bedridden... sleeping or watching TV and only eating meals because I was taking medication.

No exercise, no late night parties, no detrimental secondhand smoking, no frenzied travel from one gathering to another...

Sniff... I so gained weight.

I am now... a whopping... 121 lbs.

Waaahhhhhhhhhh........ :p


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